Chuck Wielgus was honored in 2015 with the Association of Chief Executives for Sport (ACES) Chief Executive Leadership Award in recognition of his significant contributions to the national governing body’s growth. The honor recognizes an ACES member for exemplary performance in leadership, best-practice sharing, information dissemination and peer development. This award highlights unselfish willingness of Wielgus to help other CEOs better perform their duties and advance their professionalism.

“Chuck Wielgus is most deserving of our inaugural Leadership Award, as he’s a true leader in the sports movement, both nationally and internationally,” said Stephen Ducoff, President/CEO of ACES. “Throughout his career, Chuck has inspired his colleagues with his knowledge, morality and leadership. This recognition indicates the respect Chuck holds from his peers.”

All 47 National Governing Bodies in the USOC family are members of the Association for Chief Executives for Sport.


Wielgus was recognized as a Sports Ethics Fellow in 1996 by the Institute for International Sport at the University of Rhode Island in Kingston, R.I., and he has received awards from the American Swimming Coaches Association, College Swimming Coaches Association, International Swimming Hall of Fame, and El Pomar Foundation. Wielgus was also the 2011 recipient of the National Great Comebacks Award for his cancer survival and contributions.