USA Swimming Members Best Practice Guidelines

USA Swimming, coaching, best practicesUSA Swimming has a wealth of resources available for parents, coaches and swimmers within it’s programs. The following Best Practice Guidelines are strongly recommended for all USA Swimming members.

  • Parents should be encouraged to appropriately support their children’s swimming experience.
  • All swimming practices should be open to observation by parents.
  • Two-deep Leadership: One coach member and at least one other adult who is not in the water should be present at all practices and other sanctioned club activities whenever at least one athlete is present. Clubs and coaches should evaluate their seasonal plans and map out how to best accomplish this strongly recommended guideline.
  • Open and Observable Environment: An open and observable environment should be maintained for all interactions between adults and athletes. Private, or one-on-one situations, should be avoided unless they are open and observable. Common sense should be used to move a meeting to an open and observable location if the meeting inadvertently begins in private.
  • Coaches should not invite or have an athlete(s) to their home without the permission of the athlete’s parents (or legal guardian).

Check out the full list on the USA Swimming website.